A Note from our Founder

A journey towards a healthier and more efficient life has inspired us to develop a different kind of beverage, that is really effective, in a way that is accessible to everyone. bibogem® is dedicated to producing pure crystals of the finest fruit and plant extracts, based on innovation and excellent formulations, increasing their bioavailability and reducing waste. We hope that these crystals will become your favourite travel companion, improve your health
over time and make your life easier.

Inge Romanò
Founder and CEO

Why isn’t there a beverage made from tea and natural extracts that I can prepare in a few seconds, rich in highly concentrated nutrients and without any harmful substances or microplastics?

In our search for a tea option that was healthy, practical, and effective, we encountered a common challenge: traditional tea powders. The modern technologies, used so far in tea processing, often compromise the quality of active compounds such as polyphenols and L-theanine due to high temperatures or the addition of chemicals. As a result, the beneficial properties and the characteristics of colour, taste, and aroma of the tea are altered.


With our dedicated research and development team and patented technology, we transformed traditional loose tea into pure tea crystals, enhancing the overall quality of tea. Our natural extracts are free of harmful substances and preserve the beneficial components in their most bioavailable and maximally effective form in a standardised process. Most significantly, these natural extracts have no temperature requirements and can be prepared in a few seconds and enjoyed in cold and hot water, anytime and anywhere.

The application of our technology to highly selected ingredients maximises the absorption of nutrients and creates a unique experience, allowing you to enjoy the true taste of nature. After successfully testing this technology with different types of tea, we have also applied it to flowers, fruits and different plant families. Gradually, we saw that a real world of crystals was being created, where the only limit was our imagination and creativity.

From the fusion of tradition and technology, nature and science, bibogem® was created. Rooted in an unwavering dedication to excellence and a relentless pursuit of innovation, we present crystals of tea and natural extracts of unparalleled efficacy, purity and practicality. Welcome to our natural extracts revolution.



At bibogem® we are committed to putting our customers and people first. Together we are better.


At bibogem® we are committed to looking ahead and thinking outside the box to create solutions that meet customers' needs and expectations.


At bibogem® we are committed to producing and distributing our products in a responsible way, reducing environmental impact.


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